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Cybersecurity and the CSF

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is a valuable tool for critical infrastructure entities that want to develop or accelerate their cyber defense capability. RSA’s offerings complement CSF functions, providing organizations with three core capabilities: readiness, response, and resilience.

Mission-Critical Security

Mission-Critical Security

The stakes could not be higher: catastrophic breaches are increasingly common, increasingly expensive, and increasingly likely to lead to business failure. In today’s perimeter-free world, deployment of prevention-focused, point products or a focus solely on meeting industry or regulatory compliance guidelines isn’t enough. They do not provide the comprehensive protection required for enterprise environments, supply chains, or customers. RSA’s intelligence-driven security approach is an information security strategy that can help organizations to mitigate the risk of operating in a digital world.

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Operational Relevance

Operational Relevance

The CSF consists of a set of cybersecurity activities and desired outcomes that represent best practices for securing enterprise IT environments. RSA can help you to develop security capabilities that are both aligned to the CSF and built for the specific needs and environments for your business. The result: effective command and control over your cyber threats through risk-based, operationally relevant, and intelligence-driven security solutions.

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Security Implementation

Security Implementation

RSA solutions offer you cyber readiness, response, and resilience. Control who and what is accessing the network. Understand network activity to identify the anomalous behavior that could signify an attack. Develop rapid response capabilities to address confirmed attacks. Enforce security management and governance practices that are aligned to risk and business objectives.

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Your First Step

RSA gives customers the ability to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats, confirm and manage identities, and prevent intellectual property (IP) theft, fraud, and cyber crime. Ask RSA to help you tailor a solution to meet your specific use cases.

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